An Insight into the Cost of Living in Hawaii: Rent, Food, and Transportation

An Insight into the Cost of Living in Hawaii: Rent, Food, and Transportation

Hawaii is one of the most beautiful places to live in. It is rich in natural beauty and modern architectural wonders. But have you ever wondered what it costs to live in one of the best cities in the world? Well, we are here to give you a basic idea.

A lot of people from across the world love to buy property in Hawaii. Some even consider settling down in the state. Even if you do not want to buy a property, you can always look at rented apartments. People who own houses in Hawaii put up their houses for rent. Hawaii is one of the few states in the world that offers immense benefits to its citizens, especially seniors. Therefore, without further ado, let us quickly look at the rent, food, and the cost of everything else here.


rent a property in Hawaii

The Honolulu real estate market is one of the strongest markets and has been barely touched even during the COVID. Although there had been some dips, the overall situation was always stable.

The price varies from one location to another. Prime locations will always have higher rents than other locations, but that is true for any part of the world. The average cost of bedroom apartments in Honolulu varies between $1700 to $2000. If you are looking for a less steep price range, you can try some suburban locations. The price also depends on the Honolulu real estate market trends. Alternatively, you can hire a property agent to get the best property in your budget.


Utility bills in Hawaii are generally higher than in other states, and one must keep this in mind when looking for a property. The aspect of buying vs. renting in Hawaii also comes to play when you try to calculate the utility bills. Having a large house will obviously generally be more expensive than a rented apartment.

The average energy bill in Hawaii is around $115. And that is quite steep! However, you can always find ways to keep your bills in check by using appliances that do not consume much energy or are solar-propelled.


Hawaii food

Food is not particularly cheap if you plan on buying from restaurants, but if you have money management qualities, you are sure to cut down on some of it. The average price of breakfast and lunch in Hawaii is $10 and $12, respectively, whereas, for dinner, it is $23.


The dynamics of Hawaiian real estate depends quite a bit on the transport facility a locality has. If you live in a populated area, you can get a one-way ride at $3, and for lesser populated areas, you might have to book a car or have your own car. Therefore, the areas that are well populated and have all the facilities will feature more expensive properties, and the price goes down as you move into the interiors.

Is Hawaii Expensive?

Now that we have jotted down almost everything about the cost in Hawaii, let us answer the much-awaited question- is Hawaii expensive? Well, to be fairly honest, Hawaii is expensive. It is, in fact, among the most expensive cities in the world. But that does mean you will inevitably fail in finding a locality and house within your budget. You can always hire property agents who will find you the right house at the best price. What your expenses will be like largely depends on what kind of lifestyle you want to live in Hawaii.

Hawaii is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and everyone dreams of buying property on this island. Its colorful culture and vibe make life interesting and adventurous for sure.

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