Check out these Luxurious Properties in Hawaii to Get a Perfect House for Yourself

Check out these Luxurious Properties in Hawaii to Get a Perfect House for Yourself

Having a house in Hawaii is a dream come true for many. The scenic beauty of the islands attracts many people not just in the US but throughout the globe. With the right Honolulu property search agent, anyone can find a nice house in Hawaii.

Honolulu and Oahu are two of the most popular places for getting a house in Hawaii. You can easily find the right piece of land and house to make your home in the exotic charm of the islands of Hawaii. So, if property search Oahu or Honolulu is your mission, then do not worry. We have brought a list of some amazing real estate properties which you can have a look at. They are as follows:

1133 Ikena, Honolulu, HI 96821

A beautiful oceanic view is what gets people going in Hawaii. This house in Honolulu follows 18th-century French architecture, which ensures that the windows provide you a full landscape view of the ocean in front. Custom designed for a single-family, the 11-foot tall doors made of glass and wrought iron scrolls give a classic and elegant appeal to the house.

When it comes to space, you’ll get the interior space of 9,416 sq. ft, while the outdoor space encompasses an area of 7,156 sq. ft. This makes it a spacious and luxurious house to go for in Hawaii.

115 Hoimi, Honolulu, HI 96821

Located in the luxurious community of Honolulu at Hawaii Loa Ridge, this house recalls European architecture to mind. The generous inclusion of 4 bedrooms and five bathrooms in the house says it all. Whatever you ask for it is provided in this house: pool, spa, oceanic views, outdoor space, and more. This two-story house comes with a total of 4,929 sq. ft. If Honolulu property search is in your mind, then it is exactly the house to go for in Hawaii.

278 Kaialii, Honolulu, HI 96821

At this house, you can enjoy both the sunset and the oceanic views. Furnished with five bedrooms and bathrooms, the total sq. ft you get from this house is 5,917. Accompanied by a pool, garage, bedroom suite, elevator, walk-in closet, master bath with soaking tub, and much more, you can enjoy the privacy surrounding the locality of Hawaii Loa Ridge. The best part about going for this property in Honolulu is the nearby beaches, shopping places, and restaurants.

445 Maono, Honolulu, HI 96821

This residence is situated in the refined community of Hawaii Loa Ridge. In terms of views, it provides the sight of Diamond Head, Koko Head, and of course, the view of the ocean. It was built in the year 2016. The cutting-edge glass front doors and marble floors add to the sophisticated look of this house. With a living area of 4,096 sq ft, the greenery and the landscape surrounding this house will not disappoint you.

541 Moaniala , Honolulu, HI 96821

If classic architecture is your taste, this house provides the exact appeal you are looking for. The neighborhood of Hawaii Loa Ridge makes it an ideal place for a single family to dwell in. The charming view of the ocean and Koko Head will make your morning even more delightful. With bedrooms and bathrooms, Kempas hardwood floors, an open kitchen, and vaulted ceilings give it a completely refined home experience. The house has a total area of 5,638 sq. ft, of which 4126 sq. ft is for the living area alone. Among the inclusive amenities, you will get a pool with a waterfall, BBQ area, patio, and much more. This is a top house to go for in Honolulu. Very few of its merits can be found in Hawaii

Whether you make a Honolulu property search or look for a place in Oahu, make sure to have a look at these houses. Their exquisite designs and luxurious appeal have everything that captures many people’s imagination for getting a dream house in Honolulu or anywhere else in Hawaii.

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